Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bryant Woods Drawings

I was outside today drawing with Ruth Armitage in Bryant Woods. It was a sunny, perfect spring day. Although I believe it`s extremely important, I don`t draw much anymore. I never liked it particularly but I knew it was valuable. I now have a half baked theory that something critical happens in the brain when you look very closely at something and try to reproduce it. Something to do with memory. I know when I`m painting, I can cobble together a credible mountain or tree without a reference because I have studied them. I move the paint around until I recognize what I`m after.

pencil on paper 4"x2"

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Stephanie Berry said...

Just discovered your blog and website via lines&colors. I love your style. So going thru your blog and find it funny you confessed to not drawing much. I'm like that too--other than life drawing--I'd rather just dive into painting. Your drawings here are beautiful!