Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wet Winter Forest [after study]

A Daily painting.
When I`ve taught recently, it seems I`m often begging someone to stop. Less is more etc.
Here I decided to take my own advice. When I was so off the mark with the first larger version, I spent all weekend on a much smaller oil painting of the same composition. That didn`t work out at all, so I thought maybe watercolor. This is much closer to what I envisioned.

Watercolor on paper 10"x7"

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Maureen said...

Quite a different feeling to this one, like morning dew or fog yet to lift. The colors are softer, more diffused, everything less defined (I like that), a little more magical, the way I imagine the forests there are.

Jo Reimer said...

Who ever said that painting was easy? It's a constant struggle to achieve what's in one's mind, like these two forest paintings. I rather liked the study but this is better. It feels like fog but with color, if there's such a thing. Maybe like walking into mystery. For sure it was worth the work, wasn't it?

Ruth said...

Hi Randall,
That is one reason I love teaching... it encourages me to follow my own advice once in a while! I am trying to keep the 'stop sooner' advice in mind :)

Ann Christine Dennison said...

A simple beauty that lifts me up :-)