Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another oil on Yupo [ bosque de invierno!]

No title yet on this one either. I appreciate the earlier suggestions but the burden of naming these things is mine. As flawed as the process is.
For example, I may get an inquiry about a 'winter rainforest'? Even though that was my brilliant title, I`m like a deer in the headlights as I stammer 'can you tell me more about the piece?' as I mentally race through the hundreds of paintings I`ve done with those words in the title. It`s embarrassing! and beyond a solution I fear. If I numbered them, I would not remember the numbers. If I tried to be poetic, I`d cringe every time I said or wrote it. If I stick with the facts, which is my preference, there are only so many English words for forest or wetlands.
It occurs to me just now that I don`t have to be limited to English!!
oil on Yupo 12x9

available work in the studio


Dr Sock said...

A very nice piece, whatever title you end up giving it. I like the mark making, and the contrasts in this painting.

Linda M said...

I like the mix of warm and cool colors in this one, Randall!

Maureen said...

Just be careful with Google translations!

Lovely painting.

Melody Cleary said...

This is a really nice one! I struggle, too, with titles....scour a thesaurus. I do number them, though, to keep it organized. I wonder if using words of emotion, action, time of day, etc instead of 'what it is' would be helpful. Some artists are so talented at titling. Not me!