Friday, December 27, 2013

Warme Winterwald and cold Camas fog

                                                                  oil on Yupo 12x12

We waited for my nieces return home for Christmas to celebrate our wedding with my family. The window of opportunity was small so we chose Dec. 26.
Because we didn`t want to make the trip twice in two days we stayed at the Camas Hotel, something I`ve wanted to do for 20 years. It had once been a residential hotel down on it`s luck but recently had been renovated with all the historic character left intact. It was wonderful with terrific views of the paper mill. These northwest industrial complexes fascinate me and I hope to live long enough to paint them. In the morning we walked the dike along the Columbia River in gorgeous sunshine, but after lunch, a half mile north, we took another walk and entered a dense, icy fog! Then some shopping, picked up my Mom, and met everyone at Roots Restaurant for the party. What a great holiday!

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laura said...

Congratulations on your wedding!
I love the way you paint trees.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
Congratulations on what sounds like a fantastic time. Family, sunshine, a great old hotel and ice fog! What more could you ask for!
Happy New Year...almost! :)

Libby Fife said...

The celebrating continues! Merry Christmas to you and so glad that you were able to celebrate your wedding at the same time. Getting married is a special time isn't it?

Thanks too for the photos. Your area looks a little similar to mine (No CA foothills). We don't have those industrial spaces though and you are right that the complexes are interesting. Something about all of those shapes interlocking like a puzzle.

And beautiful results with the oil on Yupo:)

Lori Fopiano said...

Congratulations on your marriage!

~ Lori

RH Carpenter said...

I can't tell if that last one is a photo or one of your paintings!! I am not the least interested in industrial or city scapes for myself - and hope you never stray far from your lovely organic nature scenes (I know, an artist has to grow!). Congratulations, again, on the wedding celebration - sounds perfect plus some interesting painting references to go along with the joy, love, and laughter!

Maureen said...

I clicked over to check out the hotel. It looks like a lovely, cozy place. So glad the get-together was great for all (but, then, how could it be otherwise?).

Joy to all.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful photos... live in east Portland and have been seeing too much of the fog these past few weeks but it can be an amazing backdrop! Congratulations on the marriage, location and wonderful paintings.

I do love to play with watercolors on Yupo but they need to be affixed with something to keep it stable. Does oil become permanent once dry?

Randall David Tipton said...

Thank you Kathleen!
I make watercolor stay still on Yupo with Krylon`s Matte Finish.
I do think oil paint is a bit tougher but I`d still frame like any work on paper, especially if it was bigger.