Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cold Fog in the Morning + a Sitka residency

                                                                oil on panel 20x20

A dark painting of luminous weather. Even though I`ve been interested in it for years and have done some myself, I have a new respect for Tonalist painting. The 'look' is defined by close valued color. Because I paint thin, even with oil paints, I was having to estimate the degree of darkness the paint would dry to. Tricky!

Both of the photos are of Alder trees. If they have enough sunlight they can spread out into the most intricate and beautiful of shade trees. If it`s close quarters like in the grove above, you could almost mistake them for Aspens. This tree is the main reason I wanted to return to Sitka. In Winter and early Spring when you can see the whole structure, they are magnificent. I`m staying on the side of a mountain that juts into the raging Pacific with a gorgeous river and estuary below yet none of that scenic drama is as compelling as these silvery trees.

This is the Boyden Studio where I`m painting. It`s named after the visionaries Jane and Frank Boyden who founded the Sitka Center. In the summer, this huge room is full of happy students here for workshops of all sorts.
The deadline for applying for a residency is April 18. If you`re a serious painter who could possibly leave your life for a while, being here is an experience like no other. If you`re a landscape painter, this pristine environment will bring out the best in you. Three things are necessary as I see it; a coherent body of work, a couple of credible references, and a good idea for using the time. They prefer those who can stay for a three month period but they will work with those that can`t. Like me. And now, the Ford Family Foundation is even awarding nice stipends to Oregon artists who participate! Your spouse is even allowed to visit! Overnight! That`s unheard of in most programs.
Just do it!

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Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
Great painting and I really enjoyed learning about Alder trees. Your photos of the drastic difference clearly illustrated your words.
Nice studio space!! I'd say you're lucky to have been selected for the residency, but luck had little to do with it. It's talent and dedication to your art, in my humble opinion.
Those responsible for your selection could not have done better.
Keep on having fun exploring and being inspired.

Maureen said...

Gorgeous alder and a beautiful workspace.

RH Carpenter said...

I'm so glad you were chosen for this residency. I know your viewers will benefit from your time in that wonderful studio! said...

I loved Sitka for the short time I was there and I remember the silvery alder trees appearing and disappearing through the mist and drizzle. I can only imagine the glory of sunlight on them.
Your painting is full of emotion - you can feel your love of the intricate shapes and colors.
Congratulations on the residency.
Well deserved.