Saturday, October 25, 2014

Out from the Forest

                                                    watermedia on Yupo 10x8

 I managed just two small paintings all week. The Open Studios event takes lots of planning, cleaning, schmoozing and demonstrating. When it`s over, there is a real vacuum. I filled it with puttering, walking, sleeping and cookies. Andrew Wyeth said he did more work when he wasn`t painting than when he was. I think he meant that he was so preoccupied with visual matters that painting was just the physical expression of this reality. I get it. People always say how prolific and disciplined I am. My view of myself is easy going and forgiving. For not being more ambitious and for avoiding the distasteful promotional efforts to be more successful. But I am always, without any conscious decision, thinking about how things look. I always take the 'temperature' of my visual surroundings. How I would paint what I`m seeing, how it would translate through me? Discipline isn`t a factor.
 The stream is the tiny, delicate, and rare Rio en Medio north of Santa Fe New Mexico.

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