Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tualatin Overflow 2 - sketches - foggy walking

                                        oil on canvas 18x36

  That`s all I could do for a week, not much!
I`m sometimes asked what I`ve been doing and I`m flummoxed how to answer. Everyone knows I paint as often as possible but what is hard to get across is how much minutia a painting career entails. Much of it is so tedious and boring, not good conversation at all! Mentioning any of it just sounds like whining. After all, being able to devote myself to painting is something of a privilege. I don`t take it for granted either and I`m especially grateful that I`ve never struggled with identity. I`ve seen that issue consume people.
  This week has been dominated by necessary tasks. I`ve spent a whole lot of time on photography preparing for my website update, assembling publicity materials for my show here in LO in March, rearranging my studio for teaching this weekend, framing and packing work for delivery to my new representative in Bend Oregon, the Paul Scott Gallery and to refresh myself I`ve taken some breathtaking walks in the cold wet fog, most recently along Oswego Creek and the Willamette River. The color has been outstanding!

work for sale in my studio 

watermedia demonstration Sat. Jan.10, 10 am-11:30



Libby Fife said...

Gorgeous photos, thank you! I can feel the dampness and the fog from here! And the trees look almost "furry" with what I guess is lichen or moss?

You are right, time to paint exclusively (and without mental hindrances!) is a wonderful gift. But! The details, the details! They never end, even for a casual painter like me. It's a business even if it isn't your main source of income.

Congratulations on the new gallery (don't know if I read that previously) and have a good time teaching this weekend.

Mitch said...

I don't recall that I have complimented you on your skill as a photographer, but many of your images are so rich and beautiful, with a haunting tranquility that is also found in your paintings.
I have enjoyed the beauty on this fog, too; it seems to accentuate the beauty of the form of the bare trees looming against the white-out. Everything is softened, muted and yet color still finds a way to stand out.

Melody Cleary said...

That is such a lovely background color on the oil really do capture the colors of this season so well! New gallery....hope it goes well!

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
First, let me add my Happy New Year wishes to the stack you've received.
Great works, all. I often wonder how you manage to create such magnificent colors. Even your photos seem to capture colors I seldom noticed when living there. Of course, part of the problem was not hiking in weather you thrive in! Your well-known deep appreciation for your home MUST play a significant role in your art--D-uh, as Homer might say. :)
Have a nice weekend.
Gary. said...

Perfect post - thank you, Randall.
Can't remember when my taste buds have been as stimulated as my eyes, mind and heart.
You really are someone special.