Sunday, July 19, 2015

New Watercolors

                                                 Creeklight 2015 watercolor on paper 8x6

 My second show of the year with Tom Cramer opened last night at the White Bird Gallery. With that project complete, we took a trip to Astoria this week for a little vacation. It had been nine years since we spent much time there. I read it had become a 'hipster' outpost and if that means young men with tattoos, yep, it`s been colonized. The economic health of the city has improved tremendously! Not surprisingly, artists found it and some of the old canneries are now studios. New restaurants, brewpubs and coffee houses abound. We stayed at the Franklin Station Bed and Breakfast in their top floor room. Moderately priced with sweeping views of the Columbia and operated by the most charming, informed host I can imagine. I could have talked to her all day.
 Apparently there are enough painters to support a wonderful, independent art supply store with the unfortunate name of Dots and Doodles. This place is professional and had everything I use along with extremely knowledgeable owners. It was such a pleasure to shop there! The huge corporate suppliers can`t compare to a locally owned intelligent shop.
 Finally, after 23 years in Oregon, I visited Fort Stevens. I didn`t even really know what it was. Beyond its important military history, it`s a nature paradise!

                                      Ft. Stevens Stream watermedia on Terraskin 13.5x9.5

 At last I got my hands on some TerraSkin! I had used it only once before and had loved its Yupo-like surface and eco-friendly composition. It`s made from calcium carbonate. Though more delicate than Yupo, it`s easier to work with due to a slight tooth. Here`s another;

                                         January Slough watermedia on Terraskin 10x8

                                             Breaking Sky Study watercolor on paper 8x6

 This is on 100% cotton paper made by Fluid. After all that searching and research into various watercolor papers earlier in the year, I think this is my answer. Not tough enough for a lot of reworking but sturdy enough for direct hit or miss experiments.

                                            The Rocky Shore watercolor and ink 7x7

 This is on the five cents a sheet 100% cotton typing paper I found at I`ve Been Framed. Any locals who have not visited this iconic bargain hunters shop are missing out. Super nice staff, close out deals, obscure papers, affordable framing and cheap brushes! Allot enough time to explore.

work for sale in my studio [updated]


Amy Bryce said...

Really like Breaking Sky Study. Elegant.

BlueHwyGal said...

Love the new works, and the Astoria recs.... And, thanks especially for the illustrated guide through papers. I'll go to I've Been Framed tomorrow - hopefully they have Terraskin!

Libby Fife said...

Congratulations on the second show! I saw some sold labels (one of my favorites too) so good news. The work is beautiful so I am not surprised:)

Hmmm...young men with tattoos you say? Maybe a trip up the coast is in order!

Looks like a beautiful vacation spot along with a solid art supply store. Sounds good to me!