Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cape Arago Forest - Oregon

                                                      watercolor on Yupo 13.5x40

 Iceland had some trees but nothing like the rainforests of the Oregon coast.
In black and white, I began on the right and worked to the left completing each section as I moved. The larger trees and the dark shapes I had photographed and could refer to. But I never paint this way. Generally the whole thing is in motion for quite some time. This felt like a narrative of just visual elements and I felt more like a scribe than an artist. Walk in the woods enough and these 'facts' become part of the painter.


 Let me tell you, a happy bride getting down on the dance floor in her puffy dress is a beautiful sight!
Luckily they didn`t ask but if they had, I would have said keep it simple, elope, save some money! No, Liz and Eric had a vision and they saw it through! And I am grateful as it was pure joy! The ceremony was at 5:30 in full sun and 99 degrees. It didn`t matter. In fact I think it enhanced it. After the short vows we raced to the dim air conditioned ballroom for the reception. It was lovely, like a cool cave! When the dancing began the wedding party and friends went tribal moving in a pulsating circle. The event was the best three days I`ve had in a long time!

 We are looking at houses with potential studio space in Camas or Washougal WA. Not easy. This has to be my last move and I know it will nearly kill me. So the new home must feel right. It is hard to leave this;

But maybe this one if I can figure out where to paint;

Words elude me right now so here are some flowers, past and present.

                                                         John and Randall Iceland selfie

work for sale in my studio

"On Paper" [group] Marcia Burtt Studio Gallery, Santa Barbara CA Aug.26-Oct.2
"New Landscapes" Coos Art Museum July 9 - Oct. 1


Libby Fife said...


What a darling house! It reminds me of the houses where I grew up. I'd be hard pressed to leave:) But the new home looks good too. It seems like you are looking close to the river and the Oregon border? I've got to say that I envy you just a bit:)

Weddings can be lovely when done just right. It sounds like it brought everyone together.

The scribe/artist feeling you described sounds familiar. Towards the end of my landscape painting efforts I felt I was just filling in the blanks. Your results are always lovely though. The limited colors are dramatic!

Hope all is well!

E.M. Corsa said...

So here's the difference between us - I love the black and white and love the idea of being a scribe, ha ha.

Glad you enjoyed yourself at the wedding; sh is a lovely bride for sure.

Your house. I don't know if I could leave it. I know a house is just a house but I don't know if I could leave mine. However, it will refresh you and inspire you and you can get familiar with a new home and make it yours for the rest of your life. So exciting. I'm envious.

Why don't we have handsome guys like this on my island?!