Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Near and Far - Cape Arago

                                                  Near and Far - Cape Arago oil on canvas 30x22

 Georgia O`Keefe famously titled a painting " From the Faraway Nearby". With great poetry she contrasted the temporal with the eternal. It`s an existential image of yearning. I`ve experienced that in looking at the stars or out to sea. It`s been a wake up call to make everything count. When I saw this young spruce and the exposed roots of a fallen tree beside it, silhouetted against the ocean, I had that bittersweet sensation again. As I worked on this, I thought a lot about color temperature and its conveyance of emotion. This was a view in summer so I wanted a benign mood lightening the sober and stark.

 We secured the financing and I had a check for earnest money. So when the prospect of owning the blue house I posted last week fell through, I thought 'I can`t do this!'. Which of course means 'I don`t want to do this!'. It was suddenly very clear I didn`t want this giant upheaval after all. When my Mom died and I made the decision to move, it seemed absolutely correct to be closer to my family but I couldn`t do it then because of commitments. My resolve must have faded and I was in denial. I feel stupid and sorry.
My family is 30 miles away which isn`t far, it`s just the traffic in between. I will work it just like I did when Mom was alive.

How about some schadenfreude? That will cheer us all up!
Both of these may have gone viral, I have no idea, but they are hilarious! Be sure to have the sound on!

Neither the Brazilian government nor any US court of law could punish the Olympian Ryan Lochte more thoroughly than these two TV anchors.

I never condone violence but listen to this account from an observer of a traffic accident.

Check out Joel Janowitz. Because of his first name, I figured he was a recent MFA prodigy but no, this guy is venerable!

                                                                      Joel Janovitz

                                                                      Joel Janowitz

Great painter! I approve!

And here is one of the late masterpieces of Franz Kline;

                                                              Scudera by Franz Kline

And an I-pad thing of mine;

                                                         Randall David Tipton I-pad

Not as charming as I thought coming after a mighty Kline!

I`m ready to love again, we are looking for a kitten! Is it wrong to want an orange one?

work for sale in my studio

"New Landscapes" Coos Art Museum until Oct. 1.  [Southern Oregon Coast]

"On Paper" Marcia Burtt Gallery, Santa Barbara Aug.26 - Oct.2


Betsy C said...

I want an orange kitten too! Let me know if you find a litter!

Libby Fife said...


I have always wanted an orange cat! I am rooting for them for you:)

A lovely painting-you can't help but look through those trees to what could be beyond. I never quite know what I am feeling when I see vistas and scenes like that-never know how to describe it. There is definitely a yearning for something that I can't quite put my finger on. The ineffable.

I looked at Joel's work. I approve of anyone who can incorporate and elevate that orange construction plastic stuff!

Try not to worry about the house thing. Decisions that you make when someone dies (or in times of great stress) are always in peril of being reversed!

Keep going! (And get that cat!)

E.M. Corsa said...

It takes courage to follow your heart, and I knew you were a courageous man.

I have had two orange kitties; they are en entity unto themselves.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
Whoa! Takes a lot of guts to do what you did and I admire that. For what it's worth, my gut feeling about anything has usually been the right choice. I'm not sure if there's anything scientific to explain it, but there it is.
As for orange kittens...As long as the kitten shows some eagerness to come to me, curls up and purrs, the bond is made and the deal is done whatever the color. Our landlady has said we can have a cat if we want, but we've been hesitant. Without fail, we succumb to the idea that the animal actually cares for us, and misses us when we're gone. In Portland, we spent more time at home, indoors, so the cat got all the attention it could stand. Here, we're afraid we'd be leaving it alone too often. Something to do with the weather to be sure. And that angst keeps us without a pet. Michele is a volunteer at the Humane Society where she gets her "kitten/cat fix" every week. Never know, however, life has a way of changing situations.
Anyway, I believe (in my gut) you have done the right thing.
Enjoy your evening.

Colours by sheri said...

Great post from start to finish....I often read your blog to my husband...we, I mean my husband...adopted a tuxedo kitten (Jazz),16 years ago, go with whichever one pulls at your heart��

RH Carpenter said...

Thirty minutes away from your family seems a short distance - just enough! Don't beat yourself up - you will find out later you did exactly the right thing. You are a nester and you've built a nest there. Let some of your family come to you. Love the new painting and I am not in love with Joel's paintings - oh my!!! Makes me just want to fall into some of those watercolors...
An orange tabby? Nothing wrong with that. We all have our own preference (I prefer those big tuxedo cats with the black and white - I seem drawn to black and white cats and dogs). Hope you find a good one and that you enjoy the end of summer.

Paint Out Girl said...

I love the way you write about painters and paintings. Your descriptions create wonderful images for me.
I also enjoy many of the artists that you suggest we look at.
I wish I could visit your show in Coos. I'm in Michigan. Thank you for posting the paintings.
You make me want to try Yupo paper again.
Your work is glorious.

Randall David Tipton said...

Thank you Paint Out Girl, that is so encouraging!