Sunday, December 3, 2017

Really Green and a Hiatus

                            Untitled Green watermedia on Trekel watercolor gatorboard 16x12

 So part of my prize in my third place finish in the Savvy Painter Podcast Competition, was a gift certificate from Trekel Art Supplies, a company new to me. I found that they are located just north of my hometown, Fontana CA, in Hesperia. I ordered some of their watercolor paper mounted on Gatorboard. The paper was a standard Arches cold press but the idea of a stable mounting onto something sturdy appealed to me. If a painting was successful, I could varnish it and frame without a mat or glass.
 Now I`ve bought Arches blocks for decades but never found it as responsive as it is on these boards. With an abstraction especially, I really work the surface hard. The board did warp some but I think a frame will straighten it. The color was the big surprise. Luminous, almost like Yupo. Those rich colors are so satisfying to me.

                                         Fanno Creek Wetlands oil on canvas board 18x36

 This was my last completed landscape.
As usual, late autumn is full of color and structure in the wilder areas. Yesterday I walked in Bryant Woods as it drizzled and it was a sodden, glorious feast for the senses;

                                                   Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci

 If you haven`t seen it yet, this is the newly attributed da Vinci masterpiece that just sold for a record breaking $450,000,000. The authenticity was questioned for years and I`m not sure how the experts became certain.  But if you look closely at the enigmatic expression with its otherworldly gaze, it seems to me, no one else could have done it. It is about the most arresting portrait I`ve ever seen. Its seductive power is utterly unique.

                                                                   by Tom Uttech

 My pal, Don Gray, posted an interview with our National Treasure, the painter Tom Uttech on Facebook. It is well worth a look. This man paints visceral, haunting images of the upper Great Lakes region. In my humble opinion, painting doesn`t get much better.

Speaking of Don Gray, he and Ruth Armitage will join me in a show entitled 'Nature Perceived' at the Grant`s Pass Art Museum beginning in late February. The museum suggested a show for me a couple of years ago just as I was preparing an exhibit for the Coos Art Museum. Not wanting to tie up a whole lot of work again, I asked if my buddies could join me. It will be an interesting show. Ruth is doing some dynamic abstractions based on aerial views of her family`s farm, while Don sways between representation and expressionist abstraction. Nature will be interpreted with inventive loving attention.

Finally, I`ve decided to take a break from writing this blog. Regular visitors will have noticed the long gaps between posts. For the first time in nine years I feel like I don`t have much to say. Rather than post half hearted stuff, I`m just going to leave for awhile. As I`ve mentioned, it is not only a promotional tool but has become somewhat of a journal too. This aspect is important to me. The best part is the friends it`s given me, both locally and beyond. I never expected that or that anyone would actually read it. I thought people would just look at the pictures like John does. Yet I`ve heard the kindest commentary on my writing. Thank you.
I will still post new work here;

Randall David Tipton Facebook Studio Page
Instagram @ randalldavidt
Pinterest 'My Own Work'
and on my new blog for sales
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I`ll be back sooner than later!

Let`s be like this monkey, gentle!


Libby Fife said...


Your photos always amaze me. It's like putting two pieces of a puzzle together, matching them up with your paintings to get an idea of what you saw and then how you interpreted that.

A show with Ruth and Don sounds perfect! Three very different approaches it seems. Grant's Pass isn't that far away.

A hiatus makes sense, to me anyway. I think there is a natural endpoint for this blogging. I will certainly miss your voice however but will see your pieces on Instagram. Your writing and insights have been a cornerstone of my blogging/art experience these past several years. Thank you for all of your efforts in putting posts together-that isn't always easy. If you take up the writing again, I will certainly tune in:)

Be well!

Gary L. Everest said...

Aloha Randall,
First, please accept my belated congratulations on your anniversary and birthday last month. You can tell I don't spend much time on the computer compared to my blogging days. Your reasons for the hiatus sound very familiar to me. In fact, they drove me to completely abandon the blog-o-sphere.
Not one to easily succumb to depression, it's been a struggle to avoid, seeing the moron-in-chief's face everywhere, all day. It's simply impossible to grasp the fact that such a person is where he is, along with the fact that nothing substantial has been done about it yet. The almost daily news on the investigation is still little more than a tease, and I've grown so tired of having my hopes for the "smoking gun" announcement dashed time and again. Anyway...
Glad to see your paintings are as fresh, vibrant and creative as ever.
Best Wishes to you and John for a Very Merry Christmas and Healthy, Successful New Year.
Gary, and Michele, too

Maureen said...

I, too, took a hiatus and now I'm thinking I won't return full-time to the blog. Taking a break from 7-days-a-week blogposting (since 2009) has been therapeutic in so many ways. I hope you find yourself refreshed and exploring new things.

Warmly wishing you and John a wonderful Christmas and much love and continued success in 2018!

E.M. Corsa said...

What can I say? Please paint the fourth image!

Like you, I've had long lapses between blog posts. I find I can say everything I need to on FB. So you have given me the courage to take a break myself. I'll just have to pay more attention to your FB page. Good for you; less obligation.

E.M. Corsa said...

I meant the fifth image with the overhanging tree.

Donna Thibodeau said...

You have interesting blogger friends who have found their own blogs passé and understand that you want to move on. You need to hear from a reader who wants you to know how much you will be missed. I love your blog! Take your hiatus but you will be welcomed back if you make that choice. I love seeing your work and your writing is like a personal artist journal. In fact, I now have a knee problem for the winter and hope to blossom again in the spring as you did. I have been introduced to so many interesting artists and great articles. I wish I lived closer so we could be artist friends. I do watercolor and plein air and love nature as you do. Your interpretation of nature means so much to me. I'm happy you are being recognized in your community and are having shows and sales. I recently had a two person show to share the work and wall space with a friend. For me, I don’t plan anything of that scope again. I understand how “been there, done that” works. Take your respite but know I, for one, will enjoy hearing from you again. I wish you the best life.

RH Carpenter said...

Oh, the painting is like finding a jeweled setting hidden deep into that green forest, overgrown and, perhaps overpowering - but that little jewel says, "Come in, sit a while, enjoy.". I don't normally like greens - and this is so much green - but I like this one :). And the photos! Oh, my!!! No wonder these sights continue to inspire you! I am sad to hear you are going (if only for a while). I always try to jump over whenever you post something new (and there is no need to post often or even once a week or anything, but I've "met" a lot of artists I wouldn't know because you've mentioned them and shown their work; and I've enjoyed every single visit). So, I hope you continue, but I'll see you on Facebook (hope it doesn't take away all the blogs because it's just a less personal venue (my opinion). Have a wonderful holiday season - enjoy and explore and share when you can. And congratulations on the prize!!! and the upcoming show!

Maggie Emm said...

oo er I will miss you and your take on the world!
Great that you feel free to change though - enjoy your life and see you around! x