Wednesday, October 17, 2018

collage-Workshop-Randy for President!

                                                       Collage by Randall David Tipton

                                                          Collage by Randall David Tipton

 The second weekend of the Portland Open Studios is coming three days. The collages above were done during the first. Part of the 'mission' of the P.O.S. is educational, we are encouraged to show how we work. In previous years I painted and sometimes became so engrossed in what I was doing I ignored my guests. John would hiss at me that I was being rude. So collage seemed like a casual form of creativity that I could set aside easily. Some of the visitors joined me in my creating as if it were a big jigsaw puzzle.

 If you`re local, go out and talk to some artists this weekend. The weather will be gorgeous and we want some feedback! I`m at 5373 Lakeview Blvd, Lake Oswego OR, 97035. 10am to 5pm.
Also, another talented landscape painter, Lisa Wiser, is just down the street from me.

 I am asked periodically if I teach and the answer is usually no. However, I have been asked by the Seattle Art League to teach a workshop in February and I agreed. "Abstraction from Nature". Colleagues of mine insist I have much  to say about painting and I know I certainly have opinions. Now I`ll have a chance to organize my thoughts, examine and express my motives and methods. I do believe I have a visceral knowledge of painting. I`ll do my best to convey why and how I respond to the landscape. Feb. 2 and 3, 2019.

                                                             Tualatin River plein air

 It seems our hot smoky summer came with a consolation prize. October has been crystalline, warm and seductive. Day after day. The chilly night gives way to a cool morning that blooms into a clear, balmy, breezy afternoon. This sort of day will make you love your life. This is when life truly does feel like the gift that it is. Honestly, everyone acts blessed.
Now throw in a kitten!!
Oh my god, does it get any better??


No it doesn`t!
This is my second kitten in two years! Such a privilege!

                                                                   Carter and John

 The beginning and end of my political career.
Someone from my high school put this up on Facebook. I just read the text now and it didn`t mention my most controversial proposal. I wanted to transfer funds from the athletic budget to arts programs. PE coaches were campaigning against me!  I was serious and definitely delusional. The vote was close but I lost. Now it is hard to believe I did such a thing.

                                                                  by Betsy Chang

 The marvelous painter Betsy Chang is also taking part in the Portland Open Studios, #85. Go see her luminous work!

work for sale in my studio


BlueHwyGal said...

You make me want to be home, with all that great weather and open studio talk! I got to studios in Bristol while they were open last week... Congrats on Carter (what does Lincoln think?j and on accepting the workshop gig (wish I could attend that, too). As always, love your work.... hugs!

Lake said...

I love the collages! What fun. Wish I could pop over to your open studio this weekend.

Libby Fife said...

What a handsome young man you were! President indeed!

And Carter? How perfect is that name and the cat himself? I love gray cats of course. Our Toby cat was a gray boy and a real lover. I hope Carter will be of the same variety!

And collages? What a super idea. They will slow you down enough I think so that you can impart all of your wisdom into waiting ears. You will be a great teacher I am sure.

I hope the open studios have gone well so far. We have beautiful weather here too. It's been so perfect apart from some random fires. (Who ignites a burn pile on a red flag warning, no burn, windy day and then leaves it behind?)

I hope you and your cat family are well!