Saturday, May 11, 2013

Late Winter-Minto Brown

Minto Brown Island nature preserve in Salem Oregon has been the source of many of my paintings.  It`s swampy, funky beauty always satisfies, I just wish it were closer.
I bet if I painted in a duck making a water landing, I could sell it.
oil on canvas 18"x36"

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Jean-Baptiste Pelardon said...

Oh please, don't do the duck and just wait for a sincere selling! :-)
Have I ever told you how I find so elegant the lines of your trees? Japanese touch.

Maureen said...

Lovely! No duck!

Ruth Armitage said...

You have succeeded in making this horizontal feel monumental! Love it!

Cindy Stapper said...

Whoa! Randall, this piece is simply stunning...I can't stop looking at it! I agree with the comment about the Japanese quality...your lines are so calligraphic, it's hauntingly beautiful!