Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rescued Forest

                                                                 oil on panel 20x20

This was a bland mostly black and white winter alder forest just days ago. I was definitely tired of it but before completely painting it out I used my desperation technique. After mixing a translucent pinkish-orange glaze in a cup, I poured it on the panel. Then I tilted it various ways as the liquid settled into the dry brushstrokes and ran off onto the table. Suddenly the game was on again! Something dusky and spring-like was the result.
If anyone interested is in Newport OR next Monday morning March 31st, I`m demonstrating my watermedia technique on Yupo at the Newport Visual Arts Center at 9 am.

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Maureen said...

As the result of a "desperation technique", I think it turned out very well. And that title (you make me laugh).

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I love the emotional impact of this piece. The close color harmony is beautiful and mysterious.