Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Painting from Life + Workshop

                                                     "Quince" watermedia on Yupo 12x9

I`m teaching this Friday and I`ve asked everyone to bring in something to paint from direct observation. It being April, I suspect we`ll all show up with flowers. I thought I should practice myself first, so I cut off a branch of the quince in my front yard and stared at it hard. This used to be commonplace but now that everyone has a camera in their pocket, it`s easier to work from a photo. I do it all the time. But something is missed in our hurry and efficiency. Looking closely at something and recording it with your own hand is an intimate act. It`s worthy just for the experience yet there is also the effect on memory it produces. That is what will serve a painter when painting. You will recognize it when you get it right.

I`ll be teaching in Lincoln City July 19 and 20.

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laura said...

Your students are going to learn a lot!
I often work from photos, but when I switch to working from life, it seems "harder," but so much more engaging and unpredictable ...
Your painting is lovely: looks like a fresco.