Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Small New Mexico Landscapes

  I`m working on a big boggy oil painting and photographing each stage. I like seeing order emerge out of the chaos and even though I will paint it, I can never remember how. Most decisions in the process are automatic revisions  and additions done in reaction to what I just did previously. These impulses are not verbal but I`ve been asked to make them so when I teach. That`s a fair request so when I do, it`s like watching myself. Sometimes I learn something too and think I should do that more often.    
 These are little paintings from the early 90`s, maybe a bit more allegorical than they are now but it`s obvious from my work that I find something restorative and even redemptive in nature. I think most of us do.

updated available work in my studio


laura said...

These are great--the colors, the shapes ... the feeling of space.
I'm going to Santa Fe in October--these make me look forward to it even more.
I have the same nonverbal experience when I am able to paint without distraction, without thinking about time and things I "have to do"!

Libby Fife said...

These are some gems, Randall. I have said before that I like how all of your shapes fit together and it's true here also. They are all sort of other-worldly.

Explain yourself! Hard to do in front of a bunch of people I bet but it's probably instructive for everyone involved (as you mentioned).