Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chimayo Spring

                                                           watercolor on paper 22x15

Nice to be home again, nice to be working in my cozy man-cave/studio.
This is from the late 80`s, one of hundreds of images I had transferred from slides to DVD this winter. To my shock, a great many of them I have no memory of. I know what time of my life they were from, where I was living and by the execution, what my motives were but actual pieces, like this one, no recall. This was a prosperous time in my life, between recessions, and I think lots of stuff went out the door quickly. Anyway, I kind of like it. It will take me awhile to digest my month at Sitka, meanwhile here is a hopeful painting of spring for my friends in the East.

some available work


David Page Coffin said...

A sweetie; thanks for resurrecting it for us!

laura said...

This painting has everything I love about NM--the cottonwoods, the rocks, the sky! And it's Chimayo--my favorite place!
("Life between the recessions" was sweet.)