Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hiver Marais and other watercolors

                                                 Hiver Marais 1 watercolor on yupo 12x9

                                                     Hiver Marais 2 watermedia on yupo 12x9

                                             Hiver Marais 3 watermedia on yupo 8x8

 There really are just a few ways to say 'winter wetlands' in English and I`ve used them all to the point of confusion. So I`ve turned to French for help, just don`t ask me to pronounce it.
Places can be muses as much as people. O`Keefe had the Pedernal, that iconic flat topped mesa you see in many of her paintings. Cezanne painted Mont Sainte-Vitoire repeatedly and what would Diebenkorn have done without the salt air to inspire his Ocean Parks?
My obsession is Minto Brown Island and in particular, its sloughs and wetlands. Because it`s 40 miles away, it`s always a special occasion when I visit. The only season I haven`t seen there is summer,  I`m sure it is an emerald paradise. Some day... But it is in winter that it is so thrilling, full of color yet solemn, often flooded with the sky in motion reflected everywhere, and the atmosphere soft and quiet. As much as I`ve painted it, I feel I`ve only succeeded in rendering its damp essence a few times. I never tire of trying.

                                            Bluff above the Lake watercolor on yupo 12x9

 Another stab at the monolithic bluff rising above Lake Oswego. Still inadequate. There is so much ornate vegetation spilling down the side it looks sort of festive. Like a wedding cake.

                                                   Contreforts Study watermedia on paper 8x6

More French, this time for foothills.

Here, in my opinion, is a perfect painting;

                                                           We Walk to Tivoli by James O`Shea

 I am anything but acquisitive but I covet this painting. O`Shea is a New York artist with a deep understanding of the landscape.

                  Vine snake, creating an unrealistic body image for all the other snakes

work for sale in my studio

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E.M. Corsa said...

Okay, your work is gorgeous of course, but oh that snake!!! Love him. My place is Alligator River; full of bear, snakes, birds and of course alligators. I always come away from there refreshed and inspired.

Mitch said...

Hiver Marais (eee-vair mar-ay) a great name. Glad to see you are dipping into the French language, which is flowing freely from my tongue now after three weeks in la belle France. Lovely new work, and I am glad to see you haven't given up on Phantom Bluff. Perhaps another boat painting session is in order soon.

hucklebee said...

Pretty hedonistic this. You deserve it. We've all done enough vomit on the street DeKooning, eh?