Tuesday, August 25, 2015

November Dusk and New Mexico watercolors

                                                     November Dusk oil on canvas 20x20

 This finally came from a post-Thanksgiving visit to Minto Brown Island six years ago.  The wistful beauty of autumn always claims my attention, whenever it is painted.
  Summer is the time I can create paintings I`ve intended to for a long time. There isn`t the distraction of fresh inspiration. In winter, a simple walk out to the mailbox might offer something visually arresting. This time of year it`s mostly just green out there and in late August, a little frayed. These delayed paintings feel a little disembodied in the execution as there isn`t the recent experience of being there. It takes something like meditation to recall that time.

Below are some watercolors I did in New Mexico around 25 years ago;

                                                       Broken Cliff watercolor on paper 10x8

                                                     Far Utah watermedia on paper 22x14

                                                  Santa Cruz Lake watermedia on paper 32x21

                                                 Badlands watercolor on paper 16x10

                                                      Taos watercolor on paper 9x12

 NPR did a story on the wet summer New Mexico is having. The drought there has been even worse than in California. As the landscape comes to life again, it must be bringing immeasurable joy. This is good news indeed, I wish I could go see it.

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RH Carpenter said...

The first is another dizzying view from the cliffs, wow! But my favorites are the last two - those are so powerful in so many ways and offer the viewer so much to enjoy! No softness here - just "in your face" landscape - like you find when travelling in these areas and round the corner of the road to see the colors of the stony outcroppings. Beautiful work, Randall, especially since these are from imagination and memory only (I don't know how you do that!). Have a wonderful weekend.

E.M. Corsa said...

November Dusk captured me. After all these years, hat cloud ended up here two nights ago and happily I got to paint it. I don't know how you do it. If I don't get to something that inspired me within a day or two, I seem to lose interest and never go back to it; I'm onto the next thing. Wonder what that says about me?

Hal Wright said...

Love the mystery of "November Dusk". Really love the watercolors. . .powerful shapes, wondrous

Gary L. Everest said...

Good Morning Randall,
At the risk of repeating myself, I've gotta say the New Mexico paintings are fabulous. I love the strong colors and incredible drawing.
I have a question: What's the largest canvas you've worked on to date? And one more: Do you have any plans for working really large? I'm talking museum or huge mansion size.
I truly believe your ideas would translate superbly to very large formats and those large works would be in high demand by discerning collectors across the globe. If I had a big home, condo, or bank building, I'd immediately ask you to up-size each of the New Mexico paintings in this post and buy them all!
Despite the fantasy, I'm dead serious about going BIG.
Disclaimer: The ideas expressed here are not necessarily shared by museum directors or exceptionally wealthy art patrons or collectors.
Have a great day!

Betsy C said...

Hope to see you at the open studio!