Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tree Shadow - Brush Creek Afternoon

It is always nice to come home, no matter the adventure.
In New Mexico the other day, I was packing books off a shelf and found the top little painting mooshed against the back of the cabinet behind the books. Of course I had forgotten all about it, I had never photographed it so I did then and there with my phone. I then proceeded to shame my friend for her ingratitude.
The other watercolor is Wyoming but it could be any river flowing out of the mountains and into the valleys of northern New Mexico.
watercolor on Yupo 10x7.5

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Jo Reimer said...

I'm glad you're home and that you were able to help your friend move. Now it's time to prepare for Portland Open Studios, starting Oct. 12. I'll be there to help you.
These are nice little paintings. It's fun to see some of your older work and see how your work has changed.