Friday, November 8, 2013

Autumn Sketch 3

I like this new little painting though the actual subject isn`t certain.
Tryon Creek Park, just north of Lake Oswego, is bordered by homes. This is a view from the forest into someone`s backyard where their east coast maples were a blazing autumn spectacle.
watercolor on Yupo 6x6

available work in the studio


Libby Fife said...

That is really some gorgeous color isn't it? I liked the last posting too. It seemed very "Pacific Northwest/edge of the coast" to me somehow.

Happy belated birthday (with no fuss!) to you:)

C Tanner Jensen said...

Gorgeous. The light is stunning.

Maureen said...


Katherine Harra said...

Almost surreal, the glowing oranges. Feels like maybe a sunset or a fire as much as autumn leaves. Hard to believe it's just 6 x 6, it has so much more to say in that space.

Marla said...


Atul Pande said...

That orange really pops next to the greys. Nicely done.