Monday, November 11, 2013

Rainforest Autumn

                                                            watercolor on Yupo 8x6

 My birthday walk, last week in the rain, has proven productive. I`m getting some work I like and it`s fantastic to have some continuity from painting to painting. Stylistically I`m as variable as ever but the theme of the autumn forest binds the work together. Nearly all of the them are watercolors and I`m using some new techniques which take advantage of the 'lifting' properties of Yupo. I`m really having fun and that walk was off the charts gorgeous. Because of the rain, I only saw two joggers, three industrious men with shovels and an ecstatic couple from India. They were so happy to see me, they wanted to exclaim about the beauty. Look what we saw:

available work in my studio

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Melody Cleary said...

Randall, your handling of w/c on yupo is amazing. It's fun to work with but takes practice, for sure. Really great work! Melody