Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Into the West

Today is my 60th birthday and I finally have convinced my family that I like it quiet, no fussing. At this age, everyone has personally known a life cut short. Our own survival just feels lucky. As on any other day, I will avoid cameras, mirrors and shop windows. Why dent the gratitude with rude reminders? I`m going for a walk in the rain in a forest I love. Like any other day.
watercolor on Yupo 8x6.5

available work in the studio


Maureen said...

Happy Birthday!

I don't recall you telling me your birthday is in November. Mine was the 2nd. I'm the older one (by a year).

Jo Reimer said...

Happy birthday, Randall. Shhhhh... I said that as quietly as quietly as possible.
I could have screamed, "WHAT! you're 60! Who'd have guessed?

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
I was off by a day and hope you will accept my apologies. When you told me your birthday was in a week...I guess I began my count a day off.
So, Happy Birthday, young man! :) Being nearly 64, I get to talk like this to anyone younger than me.
I get all the quiet, reserved approach to birthdays, but can't help myself when it comes to offering best wishes, congratulations and all the happy and good stuff.
The world is a brighter place because you are here and it is my fondest hope that you always remember this. Your paintings and personality have affected countless people you've probably never even met. Keep doing what you do so well and the world will continue to improve.
Just go easy on the cake!! :)))
Happy Birthday,

usetty said...

Happy Birthday Randall David Tipton. Let the creative expressions keep coming from you for ever.

Colours by sheri said...

Yes, birthday wishes to you. The painting is lovely.....your words are wonderful...wisdom.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Happy birthday and belated wedding congrats! It's beautiful when you can do what you love with the people you love.

Celeste Bergin said...

Oh Pahleeze, are a great looking 60 year old!! Happy Birthday---I love this painting!

RH Carpenter said...

Happy Birthday! I hope it is everything you imagined.

Jean-Baptiste Pelardon said...

What a year to remember! Be creative, be healthy, be happy! Friendly, JBP