Friday, May 23, 2014

Naked Men!

I think the best way to learn to draw is by drawing the figure. I think the best way to draw the figure is in a group of fun people. These were done in New Mexico with a bunch of painters that met every week. Everyone was funny and smart and we talked the whole time, even to the model! It was never convenient to go but I did and always had such a good time. I  got better at it over the years and eventually took watercolors and painted. We alternated men and women models every week which is unusual having an even ratio. Naked men make people nervous! Although I did sell some of these paintings, there were not many takers for the boys. So I still have them. The experience was so valuable I strongly recommend it, especially if drawing is difficult. Nothing much better than sitting around drinking coffee, laughing and sketching nudes!

updated works for sale now in my studio

Watermedia on Yupo workshop in Lincoln City July 19 and 20. Email me for details.


Libby Fife said...

Well, you got my attention with that title!

Very beautiful-they look like your landscapes which I suppose is an apt way to see the human body.

Drawing is tough and it would be wonderful to do it with a group of friends like you described. Seems like a good time to me.

RH Carpenter said...

And here I thought you were a landscape painter! I love the way you've modeled the lights and darks in the top one, am loving the charcoal grey and turqouise in the seond, and the fourth looks like a mythical figure taking wing. Gorgeous work, especially with the ellusive quality of watercolor.

Jo Reimer said...

Libby is right, your naked men look like your landscapes. It's all percolated through the same mind, the same experiences... that's how one's style of painting happens. my own figure painting sessions seemed to focus on painting the bits instead of the form of the whole, just like I'm prone to do when faced with a landscape. I learn a lot from you.