Friday, May 30, 2014

Oregon Chestnut Grove

                                                               oil on Yupo 6.5x9.25"

Thirteen sessions into my boggy forest, I can`t close the deal. When it is finished and I post the photo sequence of it`s development, the struggle will be obvious. Since it has felt so close to resolution but hasn`t, I fear a structural problem that I just can`t see. So again a break is necessary.
Last weekend we were visiting Laura Foster and she walked us down to her in law`s home. They grow actual edible chestnuts! I had never seen one much less an orchard of them. Locally, the nuts  appear in New Season`s Market in the fall. Laura and her husband Kevin have turned some of their partly empty nest into an Air BnB. Anyone wanting a dose of lush Northwest nature would love their country home. Kevin even built a 'tree house' that has water and heat and would make a wonderful little studio.

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Don Gray said...

This is such a fresh and lively little painting, Randall. It’s full of sun and the air of spring, and that perfect balance of the representational and abstract that you do so well.

I was sorry to miss the gathering, but very much appreciated Sarah’s notes about it. Yes, your suggestion of a plein air session here on Salmon Creek would be fun after a brunch, for any who would like to participate.