Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Small Works

                                                  Marsh Study watermedia on Yupo 6x16

                                               December Wetlands Study oil on Yupo 7x5

                                                Arch Cape Creek Study oil on panel 6x6

In a discussion with a group of artists recently, discipline came up. I made the point that if you`re on the right track, your work is challenging yet fun and if you`re capable of doing it, discipline won`t be an issue. You`ll want to do it. In fact, avoidance might be a sign that the fit isn`t good. Wrong subject, medium, style or even activity. I have an apt personal experience with this. Because I loved music so much, I decided to major in it during my brief college career. I had already been painting for a long time and knew it would continue too. Bad decision. Although I applied myself rigorously, there was absolutely no talent there to stimulate. It was really difficult and mechanical and a misguided choice all together!
I`m now in a situation requiring discipline. The way I work, there is chaos for a long time and this means anxiety for a long time. On a large painting it can be days before there is hope or direction. So like now, I`ll set it aside and work small. When I feel competent again I`ll return to my boggy forest. It`s in me and I think it will be a good one.

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