Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Untitled Rainforest + Sitka Invitational!

                                            Rainforest Fall oil on canvas 36x50

 I will probably use google translator to help find a different title but not now. The challenge here was keeping this fallen tree, a tree. Not so easy for me! People are always saying my trees are dancers so I worked hard to thwart any creature associations. In the dense forests along the coast, immense specimens will topple in a windstorm and soon be colonized by mosses and ferns. The hole in the canopy allows more light until the surrounding trees close in.

 The annual Sitka Invitational is coming up soon, just days before the election. This is about the best opportunity to see a whole lot of quality landscapes and nature inspired art work, ever! It`s huge!  I`ve written a lot about the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology on the central Oregon coast and this massive exhibition is in support of this worthy institution. They offer terrific unusual classes all summer and artist residencies in winter. I`ve had the great fortune to have painted there for a month, two different times. It sits on a flank of Cascade Head, a biologically diverse and protected rainforest and it is stunning!
 To promote the show, I will be doing a demonstration at the Dick Blick art supply downtown this Sunday [Oct. 23] 1 - 3 pm. I`ll be painting in watermedia, probably on Yupo.
On the last day of the exhibit, Nov. 6, I will speak about my work at 3pm.
Hope you can make it!

 If you haven`t seen it, let the Canadians comfort you in this bitter election season. We`re going to be OK but this sure hurts.

 And let David Hockney explain how image making is utterly human. That wonderful Brit, by the way, has spent a big chunk of his career celebrating America.

This week`s masterpiece is by Karl Klingbiel;

                                                    Lester Leaps In by Karl Klingbiel

 Isn`t that rich?! Oh my god, I could look at it the rest of my life! I love this guy!!

 Cat owners, I suspect that`s all of you who read this, are you tired of those plastic scoops breaking when you`re trying to pry up a urine soaked corner in the litter box? After buying dozens throughout my life, I finally had enough. Behold the Dura Scoop!;

$9.99! I could clean up after a lion with this beauty!

work for sale in my studio


Libby Fife said...


I don't know which to applaud first: Your piece, Karl Klingbiel or the Dura Scoop! Did you see Karl's drawings? It's like looking directly at whatever he saw and felt. Really interesting. And I read David Hockney's article. He says that he sees the surface of a piece first. I like that there are so many different ways to perceive things.

Good luck with your demonstration. I hope it goes well.

Thanks for the great post!

E.M. Corsa said...

That Dura Scoop is the best tip of the day. Using that flexible one can send things flying!

David Hockney - one of my all-time favorites, after you of course. I have the dvd, David Hockney A Bigger Picture and watch it over and over.

Have you ever considered making a dvd of your Yupo techniques? I and I'm sure many others would love to have your expertise.