Friday, December 12, 2014

More Abstractions? + March show

  As yet untitled [Theodore, I need your help!], each 12x12,  oil on cradled panel. Randy was on a roll!
  It was a great week until the winds wreaked havoc last night! Yesterday`s wild weather pummeled the whole west coast. It was predicted but seemed impossible at noon. I went for a walk early to avoid it. We`ve had lots of rain and I knew the Tualatin River would be near flood stage.
  With the winter silt, the river turns a gorgeous murky greenish brown. That color is a splendid foil for any remaining fall color.

   I`ve wanted to work with this theme again since doing these small pieces a couple of years ago;

   During the drama last night, we like many others, lost power. As I laid on the bed reading my I-phone in the dark, a memory of a Mary Oliver poem featuring a wild night surfaced.  I found it today;

  She did it! My niece Mackenzie now owns a piece of my work on her skin! Design by RDT, execution by Ian of Hopeless Ink!

  Finally, I will be having a show with the renowned Tom Cramer in March, 2015! He is probably best known for his art cars;

  Since that notoriety, he`s gone on to create intricate and beautiful  bas-relief sculptures. Here is a current piece;

  Tom will also include some new paintings in this show.
  The exhibition is entitled 'Environments', and will be in the Museum 510, a space operated by the Arts Council of Lake Oswego.

 Tomorrow, Sat. Dec. 13, I`ll be demonstrating my oil painting technique in my studio 10-11:30 am. Come by if you`re curious!
5373 Lakeview Blvd.
Lake Oswego OR


work for sale in my studio


Ruth Armitage said...

Love the new abstractions, the Mary Oliver poem was perfect for last night's storm!

Libby Fife said...

All of these abstractions attract me in one way or another. And I like the photos too-the second one in particular. It's all of the entanglements.

We had the big wind storm also. Glad that everything stayed rooted in the ground! You should have seen the rain too. (Well, you probably did right?) It rained consistently for most of the day on Thursday.

Congratulations on the show in March. That should be fun. And good luck with the demo today.

Thanks for another good post!

Maureen said...

Really like Cramer's work!

My son was supposed to be in Sonoma this weekend but I saw that there was a lot of flooding there. That storm was something else. Here we have cold and more cold, rarely getting out of '30s. Where's spring?

RH Carpenter said...

Glad you are safe and so glad you were on that roll - what gorgeous paintings! And great photos, too. I really love the muted background behind the pastel peach colors of the leaves.