Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Oregon Refuge 4-Demo-Finley Preserve

                                                          watermedia on Yupo 20x20

Last night I did a painting demonstration for the Corvallis Art Guild. I took advantage of being in Corvallis to visit the Finley Wildlife Refuge. It is an extravagantly beautiful place and yesterday was a particularly glorious spring day. We have these perfect conditions in May. The breeze feels warm and loving, the new grasses and blossoms smell sweet, the air is clean and fresh from the rain and here, the vistas are of wetlands and mountains. The world has never looked better!
So I arrived at the gathering with my mind thoroughly infused with beauty. Because I had anticipated all the various spring greens at the refuge, I had tinted the paper pink. I like to have something to react to. But the sky was the commanding feature of the afternoon so it became my subject.
The time allowed for the demo was short and the microphone wasn`t working so I was painting furiously and trying to project my voice. The shapes of those trees changed many times, especially today as I developed it in my studio. The longer I worked I realized what was most important was a sense of loft and buoyancy.

available work in the studio


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
It's a beautiful painting, airy and light and just says "Spring".
I must admit that I enjoyed reading your words about the day almost as much as looking at the painting.
Could you be one of those multi-talented people who would be very comfortable as either a painter or a writer? My guess is yes.
Have a great day.

Melody Cleary said...

Very nice, Randall....very lofty indeed! Is the yupo on a board while you paint?

mitchellart said...

I love the way this turned out Randall! You nailed it!!!